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What students say about our AWS Solution Architect course ...

"This really is a superb course, taught by superb instructor.

I can honestly say I learned so much from this course and looked forward to it every week.  The instructor is well versed all areas in IT and can easily break down topics for you if you are weak in any areas, and always willing to support you.

I couldn't say enough to compliment the course."

Daragh (Infrastructure Specialist)
Over 15 years in IT Industry - System Administration, Infrastructure support and design.

"This was one of the best courses I’ve taken part in.  

I had minimal prior experience of AWS before the course.  After just a few classes, I found myself comfortable navigating AWS with a level of confidence I didn’t expect to have so quickly. This is down to the well-paced training and excellent hand-on labs, and also how well the topics are structured and presented.

The class tutor is knowledgeable in a wide range of areas of IT (not just AWS).  He has plenty of wider technical experience to support the training.  I highly recommend this course."

Scot Collins

"This course was the best technical classroom experience I have had in many years."

Paul Fearon

"I have done this AWS training course and can say that the instructor is very patient and thorough, extremely knowledgeable, very clear and was able to answer all questions well. I have taken many courses - this was very well done, which I attribute primarily to the instructor and the quality of the training material covered."

Manivannan Nandagopal

"This course gave me a very clear understanding of AWS and the art of the possible !  The course material & lab sessions were excellent.  The instructor is professional, very organised and was patient with all our questions. I would highly recommend this course."

Karen - IT Architect

"I found this to be a fantastic course to get to grips with the world of AWS.

The pacing of the classes was steady and well organised, the in-class lab work was thorough and practical, and the course notes were clear and understandable.

The class instructor has a very good understanding of AWS which he uses to create a class that is both engaging and comprehensive.

I would recommend this training to anyone.  A truly excellent course."


System Support Analyst

"The course is very complete. The material presented is always well organised and the teacher is very patient in explaining and assisting when we had any questions regarding the labs.  Before the course I had no experience with the AWS cloud platform.  I gained a lot of knowledge."

Camila Weber

"I found this course excellent.  It enabled me to get a really good understanding of the AWS platform. The classes are very well organised with plenty of practical labs.  The labs are great practice and really helped me understand the scope of AWS services.

The training delivery style is very effective and I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn about AWS or preparing for the AWS Solutions Architect exam."


Senior Product Support Engineer

"This is a great course for anyone looking to break into the world of AWS.  I had watched videos online and used other AWS training tools before I came across this course and I can say it was by far the most complete guide.  I would recommend this course."

Richard Donnelly

Network Engineer

"I found this course an excellent way to learn about AWS.

The content of the course was very well prepared - both in terms of the coverage of each AWS service, and also the in-class labs to put the concepts into practice. This is important because, at least in my case, the best way for me to learn is by doing.

I can say that this course has exceeded my expectations."

David Camprubí

Integration Architect

"Before taking this course I had not worked with AWS but I wanted to develop my knowledge and I'm glad that I picked this course.

The instructor has a very personal approach and the dynamic of the classroom meant was always very positive and engaged.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn about AWS or is considering taking the AWS Certified Solution Architect exam."


IT Specialist

"I work with a company that facilitates connectivity to AWS and wanted to know more about the AWS offering.

The instructor is very thorough, and the content covers all aspects of AWS, from the most commonly used to the lessor known services.  The instructor is also very knowledgeable, taking time to answer all questions posed.

Overall, a very worthwhile course to complete and I would recommend this course for anyone currently working with, or planning to work with, AWS."

Ian McManus

"This course was excellent for many reasons.

The class tutor is a superb communicator who presented the course content in a clear and comprehensible manner. I commend his teaching, listening and knowledge skills. He has a very extensive knowledge of AWS and he consistently answered my many varied sometimes technical questions, in areas which were both directly related and unrelated to the course and he used relevant examples which I found most helpful.

This course was a super learning experience in cloud architecture delivered in a first class environment by a professional expert. I highly recommend this course."

John McGarvey

"I found the course to be very beneficial as someone new to AWS and allowed me to understand the core pillars of the AWS platform.

The course notes and practical exercises are of such quality that if by chance you had to miss a class, you should be able to understand the material and complete the exercises. The instructor was also very helpful and quick to respond to any email questions I had."

Graham Farrell

"Each AWS topic is explained very well. I learned a lot from this course."

Ilie Grigoras

"I highly recommend this course for anyone coming from an operations or development background who wishes to gain a good understanding of AWS.

The course is not simply focused on the requirements for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam; it provides an in-depth understanding of all key AWS services, backed up with a hands-on approach. 

Each class includes several hands-on labs which entail setting up various AWS services, configuring, deploying and using those services in a real world scenario.

I found this a very effective way of broadening my understanding of AWS and a more effective approach to learning than looking at yet more online videos about AWS.

This course more than met my expectations."

Conor Mooney

IT Consultant (over 20 years experience in IT industry)

"This is an excellent course for anyone wanting to get a good understanding of AWS.

The class notes are excellent, and I was really impressed with the in-class labs which gives you hands-on experience of everything as you learn.

The course gave me a great understanding of AWS services and best practices for deploying and supporting your AWS environment.

This course has exceeded my expectations."

Anthony O'Reilly

BT Ireland

"Excellent course ran at a good pace.  The instructor has a wide range of technical knowledge which helps to ensure each AWS capability is understood in an overall solution. Recommended."


Enterprise Architect

"I found this AWS course to be very well laid out, with each class well planned, and with detail for each topic, hands-on labs and Q & A to back it up.

The instructor's very personal approach along with his detailed technical knowledge of all things IT is superb. He takes great time and patience in explaining, and his teaching methods are excellent.

I highly recommend this course."


Networking and Security Engineer